DIRT COVERAGE - Thursday August 16, 2003 - LIVE

FLATLAND COVERAGE - Friday, August 17, 2003 - LIVE

Flat Gallery 1
Flat Gallery 2
Flat Gallery 3
Flat Gallery 4

This years X-Games are being cut a little short due to a family emergency that came up.  Before anything else I want to give props and thanks to all the riders who allowed me to film and take photos of them during practice.  I apologize to anyone who was getting irritated for me being in their way and ask that they ask me... nicely preferably, to move or clear out if there is any problem at all with where I am standing.  I want to try to get every flatlander who attends a contest and is trying to represent a sponsor as much coverage as possible to help them and the sport grow.  While my intentions are good, it still doesn't change that sometimes I am simply in someones way and don't realize it.  Once again, I apologize and give thanks for allowing BMXTRIX to continue to cover the incredible riding that everyone puts out.  It's a thrill to see, and I hope the images here help you believe that the irritation is at least a little bit worth it. :o)

~P~ - August 18, 2003