BMXTIRX is dedicated to bringing new riders into the sport of freestyle BMX and keeping experienced riders up to date on what is going on in the sport throughout the world.

BMXTRIX is broken into many distinct sections that will allow visitors to explore many different aspects of riding.  There are eight sections which include the following:

  1. MAIN - Includes site updates, general news about the sport, current features, as well as free e-mail that riders can use to show their support for the sport.
  2. HOW-TO's - Cover everything that the beginner rider needs to start learning tricks and maintenance on their bike.  It includes videos, instructions, and photos to help guide the way.
  3. GALLERY - Includes hours of original video footage, hundreds of photos, and music that represents freestyle.  Included is a rider submitted gallery that allows visitors to the site the chance to submit their own best shots.
  4. SPEAK OUT - This section is all about giving people a chance to speak their mind.  BMXTRIX has partnered with the number one online board community and has it's own board as well as an link to live chat.
  5. ANSWERS - The one stop shop for all your questions and needs that aren't obviously covered in other sections of the site.  You can contact BMXTRIX here, or submit content.  Visitors can check out the FAQ's for the most common questions heard and possibly learn something new.  Maybe find a bike park in their hometown, or find a little bit out about the history of the sport.
  6. EVENTS - Find out about contests that are coming up next week in your local town... or read about the contest that you just missed last week.  If you know about a contest that isn't listed you can submit it here and it will be on the site within 24 hours.
  7. LINKS - If you haven't found exactly what you are looking for inside the realm of BMXTRIX you can check out the best of the web here.  Companies, clothes, zines, shops, and rider sites all make up the realm of links and if you have a site of your own that is worth adding it can be submitted here and will be added within 24 hours.
  8. STORE - You've read about the sport, you know that you love to ride, and you want to dress the part.  The online store sells the latest in rider owned clothing.  This is riding wear for riders, by riders and supports the sport like nothing else will.

Still want more?

BMXTRIX strives to continue to grow and improve the site.  Old videos and content is never removed, but is moved onto secondary pages.  Interactive features will be added as available to allow the site to change more and more on a daily basis.  Today's BMXTRIX is not tomorrows and you can help make it that way.